Thursday, April 3, 2014

#TBT Japan Trip ~Kamakura~

Japan Trip 1. 2. 3

I have no ideas why I'm doing #TBT #Japantrip right now.
Maybe I got tired too much for doing all the assignments that I had to turn in this week.
Or simply, I am kinda homesick.
Either way, I cannot help myself sharing those pictures from last year.

I didn't even notice at that time, how original those sceneries are.
Japanese vivid retro colors are too awesome!!!
The trip to Kamakura was definitely the right choice to make.  

At Starbacks Onarimachi Kamakura
 15-11 Onarimachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0012, Japan

Fine. Fine. I know, it is Starbucks.
But complain when you get there!
Even Starbucks can be in Kamakura color.

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