Thursday, October 23, 2014

iPhone Diary - Pancake and Booze Art Show

Three things that I need for a good art show;

1. Good art pieces ( duh )
2. Great entertainment
3. Great sweets!

Pancake and Booze is one of the most exciting Art shows held in Los Angeles and they have everything I want for an artshow!
One day, me and my boyfriend heard about this underground art show that serves great pancakes and music, we knew we had to go. But we had such a hard time trying to find this magical place of sweetness and sound. On the monthly DTLA Art Walk day, we walked for miles and miles, asking stranger on the street about this secret garden but nobody knew about it, and we ended up going home without having any clue where and when it was. However, a couple days late, finally Art God smiled at me.  When I had a shooting with my old classmate from Art class, I casually asked if she knew about this artshow that serves free delicious pancakes and she said she'd been there before.  Thanks Art god I have her as a friend!

According to the info that she gave me, the next coming Pancake Art show would be held in a couple days. Of course we couldn't miss it!
The next Saturday, we finally made it. It was in a dim warehouses area in downtown, with graffiti covering every inch of wall.  I could hear loud yelling voices. (which eventually I found out was from a  punk band) We knew than we were in the right place.

After paying $5 (yes, only FIVE dollars!) at the door, we stepped into the wonderland.
Here and there, so many colorful paintings were hung on the walls, a French trio were playing punk music in the middle of the hall, a bunch of adults were dancing like they had no clue along to the folk rock music, a mute little black devil wearing pink stripe leggings was painting something weird and gothic; inside, a girl wear wearing a black cropped top was painting a scene from Edward Scissor hands of, with Johnny Depp wearing scissors on both hands (this girl is insanely talented!), and they were totally serving the free pancakes ( scored! )

As an eternally broke girl, having that much fun for only five bucks was the best deal ever.
I don't know if Pancakes and Booze is well known already in Los Angeles or not, but hey if you are over 21 and looking for an adventure, you should stop by here once (or twice) and hang with many local artists and enjoy your pancakes.