Monday, December 15, 2014

The Echo Park Craft Fair

My favorite season is here.
Hi, everybody happy holidays!

It's not like I prepare any Christmas decorations or spend time on cooking pastries 
but, this red, white and green season is my favorite one because of all of those craft fairs!

However, ugh this year I couldn't go many sake of my crazy schedule, 
(it sucks that all the craft fairs happening at the same weekend! Mr. organizers please contact each other!)so me and my roommate went to the one in Echo Park and it was amazing!
(Dah, it's Echo Park first of all)

Cute dada and son at the craft fair. huge thumb up.

Pottery by EPCF

Gravel and Gold

Probably, this is my favorite one from this year.
Probably, this pretty artistic boob prints caught my eyes because I'd had a weird boob ache ( I dunno why I'm saying in public) 

This is so essential!
I NEED to get one for this Christmas!

Earrings by JUJUMADE     insta: @jujumade

Kieley Kimme

Bags by Agnes Baddoo    insta: @agn3s 

Candles by Le Feu De L'Eau 2lefeudeleau

Can't get over it.